February 2022

I don’t update this blog anymore because I hate WordPress and I don’t have any money to hire anyone to create a website I can use. Fuck WordPress. It sucks.

Anyhow, we’re fine. I do think I want to update more because I see mom declining and I don’t have a better place to track that decline than here. Doesn’t that suck? Money is everything and I have none.

Today we made cupcakes. Yesterday we didn’t do much because I made soup. The day before that she got her hair done. She needed a cut and perm badly. I’m going to try not to let it go for so long next time.

We had a snow storm today. Started snowing late last night and still hasn’t let up even though the day is almost over. The wind has picked up and the several inches of accumulation is beginning to blow all over the place. Tomorrow will be more of the same, except for more accumulation. I think it’s supposed to stop snowing and just be blowing and drifting snow, making travel hazardous.

We spent the day watching the local news and Weather Channel updates on the storm. After dinner we switched over to the Olympics. The closings for tomorrow scrolled at the bottom of the screen. I think she asked a couple dozen times why schools were closed. Twice I had her get up and look outside to see that we’d had snow. Otherwise I just explained over and over and over again that we’d had a snowstorm and the roads were impassable. A slight exaggeration, but it worked. We’ll stay home again tomorrow. I don’t know what we’ll do. She had no idea that it snowed today. None. The snow outside was a complete and total surprise.

She had one incident last week where she got angry out of the blue. She asked if we were staying here tonight (she didn’t know she was in her own home) and I said yes. Talked to her about how her meds and nightgown and clothes were all here and that all was well. Less than ten minutes later she asked again but this time she was mad. No one had told her that we were staying here tonight and she wanted to be told!!!! Okay, mom. You got it. I distracted her with America’s Funniest Videos. Thank goodness for that show.

That’s all for now. I’ll be back sooner than later because I really do need a place to track all these incidents. It’s impossible to predict how the disease will progress, and one thing doesn’t lead to another in an orderly fashion, but I would like to have some measure of the decline. Bye for now.

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