Wasn’t Me!

Me: “Can you help me understand what this bag is and what it’s doing on the counter?”

Mom: “I don’t know. I didn’t put it there.”

Me: “Okay… There goes the dog again getting stuff out and leaving it out on the counter.”

Mom: “I don’t know. It’s not mine. Ask somebody else. We’ve had a few people in and out of here.”

(What??? Eye roll.)

So not only are people here who are not helping out with any of the chores, they get stuff out and don’t put it away! Oy vey.

Wow, she’s having a day.

Asking about her brother: “He’s not still alive is he?”


“Is he?” So excited. Then she said she thinks she remembers sending a card for his birthday. We did.

“It helps to have all these people helping me.”

Who are all these people? It’s me. I’m the one helping her. Just me. Why don’t “all these people” pitch in a do some of the chores??? Stupid imaginary people. Don’t lift a finger to help.

She said she gets up in the morning and there are all these people all around. They’re fuzzy. She doesn’t know them. They’re adults. Strangers. That’s all she knows. Though she did say that they’re only here because of the corona virus. When the pandemic is over they won’t be around anymore.

Earlier this after noon she was surprised to learn that I live here. She knew my name, though, so I guess that’s something.

I don’t get it. I don’t understand how her mind works.

One good thing from the day, which she now doesn’t remember. We were in the locker room at St James Club and she chatted for quite a while with a couple of ladies, one lady in particular. They laughed. Mom was having a good time. It was good to hear her laugh, real belly laughs. She was having a good time. It was a social activity for her. Good for her brain. Good for her soul, I think. She said this week she didn’t want to go to WBG anymore– “same old same old” she said. I got her excited to go because she was taking the wedding book with her to show her friends. If she doesn’t go to WBG she’ll have no social activity. So the chat in the locker room today was good. Real good

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