Confusing confusion

Is it fair to say that mom is getting worse? I’m not sure that’s true, but on the other hand, she’s so confused about things. The newest, weirdest one is her insulin.

She went in for a check up a few days ago. The doctor increased her insulin from 15 units a night to 20. No big deal.

Except mom can’t seem to grasp that concept. Or that she even does insulin. Suddenly. This is not new for her. She’s been using injectable insulin for well over a year. More than two years? Now suddenly she doesn’t remember that she even does it, or when. It’s so weird.

She also had an x-ray on her right knee. She had her left knee replaced several years ago. Her right knee has been hurting more and more. Turns out she has quite a lot of arthritis in there. I don’t want her to get it replaced if it comes to that. The whole thing would be too confusing for her. The anesthesia would make her dementia worse. It would be a nightmare. On the other hand, I don’t want her to be in pain. I guess I’ll talk it over with the doctors is we get to that point, but right now I’m resisting the idea.

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