A quick note about bedtime

Before mom goes to bed she often makes comments that allude to her not knowing where she is and/or thinking she’s not at home.

Like tonight. Tonight she says, “I’ve just got to figure out where my bedroom is. I’ve been in and out of so many bedrooms lately I can’t keep them all straight.”

I usually make some sort of non-committal response or noise. What do I say to something like that? She’s not been in and out of any bedrooms except her own. I should know– we’re together ALL THE TIME.

Tonight she added– “I know I’m at home because I look up there and see the pictures…” She trails off when she says this type of thing, which she does now and then. She has a digital frame on which family pictures rotate. When she says this before bed she never acknowledges that she knows the people in the photos but she must on some level know they are family or are at least familiar.

I wonder what it must be like to look around and not recognize the home you’ve lived in for 35 years. She never seems worried, scared, or even much confused. I think I’d panic. But she sort of takes it all in stride.

These types of confused incidences usually only happen at night. She gets tired during the day and never has trouble remembering that she’s at home or where her bedroom is. She’ll take herself off for a nap easily, whereas at night she takes a bit of time to decide what has to be done before bed and figure out where her bedroom is. It’s weird. I guess it’s just sundowning and not really a radical example of Alzheimer’s. I do what to track it, though. I need to know if she’s getting worse or if she begins to have hallucinations.

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