Experimenting with pop

Mom’s memory has been especially bad of late. Yesterday I ventured an idea–
“You know, I’ve noticed that when you drink a lot of Diet Coke your memory is worse. You’ve been drinking a lot of Diet Coke lately.”
Mom took this idea better than expected, so I took it a step further.
“Maybe you take a break from Diet Coke. Maybe we just see if your memory gets better if you don’t drink Diet Coke for a while.”
And that’s all it took. Surprisingly. I’ve had to remind her a couple of times since then of our little experiment, but she’s still amiable to it. It’s only been a day so there’s nothing to report so far.
We were at the doctor last week for a regular check in. The doctor talked mostly about herself which is usual. Mom’s heart, lungs, etc. all sounded good so no issue there. The doctor did a quick review of mom’s medications and deemed them necessary. Mom slipped in a “which is worse lately” when the doctor said something about memory and the doctor replied that she’s on the highest dose allowed of Donepezil and that was that. Mom has been seeing this doctor for more than thirty years. There’s no changing docs now, but I’ve given up on getting any assistance from her in the future. I’ll get mom to a neurologist at some point and maybe he can help with the dementia.

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