First evidence of hallucinations?

We’ve had our first official hallucination.

Or have we?

I was putting groceries away, walking between the kitchen and the pantry. Mom stops me and asks if all these people have a place to sleep tonight.

“What people?”

“The people who have been walking back and forth around here.”

“What did they look like?”

“I wasn’t paying attention.”

“Yes, they all have a place to sleep. It’s all good. We’re fine.”

So did she see people wandering around the family room or did she confuse me walking back and forth as being multiple people?

We’ll never know, of course. But it ups my suspicion that she has hallucinations.

From that point until she went to bed (roughly a two hour span) she asked a few more times if everyone had a bed to sleep in. She asked where I was sleeping a few times. She asked if anyone was sleeping in her bed. No.

“Good, because I didn’t know if I would have to share with anyone.”

She hasn’t had sundowning this bad for a while. I’ve cut back her sugar and Diet Coke intake. She had both Diet Coke and some cookies today. I didn’t count how many cookies. I’ve been giving her two a day but our neighbor gave us a bag of several different kinds of cookies so I’ve been turning over the bag so she could choose which flavors she wanted. I’ve been negligent in forcing her to choose two then removing the bag. Is that why the sundowning was worse tonight than it’s been for a while?

I think I need to investigate the connection between sugar and dementia more than I have.

Mom had a sore arm for a couple of days after her COVID shot but seems fine now. She reports feeling stronger and her legs feeling better since starting physical therapy. Her physical therapist cut back on her exercises and she now no longer complains about leg pain the way she used to. We’re still doing her homework daily.

I guess that’s all for now. Just wanted to be sure I documented mom’s hallucination, if that’s what it was.

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