Dose one done

Mom got her first dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

Kroger was smart and scheduled her second dose while we were there so I don’t have to combat the online scheduling page on their website. I appreciate that.

She had some arm soreness the second day but otherwise has felt perfectly normal. I’m glad for that.

She’s a bit obsessed with when she goes back for the second dose. She’s asked a couple dozen times when it’s scheduled, and has looked at her calendar another dozen times because she was certain it hadn’t been written down. I think this obsession will die down fairly soon. Eventually she’ll forget that she has to go back.

Otherwise it’s been the usual forgetfulness with a bit of confusion thrown in for good measure. We went for a drive today because she had a bit of cabin fever. Good thing we got out because we’re in the midst of a “snow storm.” I qualified that because it doesn’t seem to be the storm the weatherman predicted. That’s a good thing, but I still don’t plan on going anywhere tomorrow.

I’m struggling with feeding her. She wants to eat more plant-based. A plant-based diet is good for people with dementia, or those that want to prevent it. The trouble is, she doesn’t like vegetables. I’ve made several dishes that she can’t taste, and because they don’t look anything like what she’s used to, she doesn’t like them. The other day I made something that tasted strongly of soy sauce and hot pepper flakes. She didn’t taste either. She likes chicken but she shouldn’t be eating too much of that. Same with fish, shrimp, and tuna. She has beef about once a month and pork about once a week. I try not to give her those too much. I’m frustrated because I can’t make any food she likes, but she doesn’t like anything except chicken, cookies, and ice cream. Cookies and ice cream make her more forgetful and more confused.

Same old same old I guess. At least she got her vaccination. I’m glad about that, and so is she.

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