I got one!

I literally almost cried when I got the confirmation screen. And again when I wrote it down in the appointment book and told mom. The joy of success!

It took nine failed attempts, including three times when our appointment time was snatched out from under us before I could get the questions answered and the application submitted. The crushing blow of the tiny print “Please select another appointment time” far outweighs, “We’re sorry, this location has no appointment times available.”

As it is, we’ll have to drive thirty minutes to a whole other town.

Perseverance pays. Mom has an appointment to get the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination in six days. Ahhhh, relief. And joy.

My tale of woe hardly matches the terrible stories I’ve heard on the news of people calling dozens of times trying to make an appointment, or waiting in line for hours to get the shot only to be turned away, of people with appointments not getting the vaccination after all. We’re fortunate, and I’m so grateful we have the resources to make the appointment and be able to travel as far as we will to get to the pharmacy. I’m anxious and upset now about the couple in line in front of me at the pharmacy today who were given a phone number to call to schedule the appointment. He is 92, his wife 91, they reported to the pharmacy counter worker. How will they be able to schedule an appointment when I had as much trouble as I had? I got caught up in making my mother’s appointment and didn’t have room for them in my brain or conscience when we were all in the store together. Now that I’m home with the appointment freshly made I wish I could go back and still find them at the store and help them. I’m worried about them.


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