Two small things (12/7/20)

Two small things to note. Nothing important, but I wanted to remember the first one.
After dinner I paused the movie we were watching to go get some sherbet. Mom asked if there was any ice cream for her. “Yep, sure is.”
She says, “Do you want me to get it myself?”
I burst out laughing. This is passive-aggressive for, “Will you please get me some ice cream?”
We both had a good laugh about it.
Second thing, when mom was going to bed tonight she said she had to figure out where everything was that she needed for bed. I told her everything was in her bedroom. “My suitcase is in there?” It took me a second or two to catch up to her. “Your suitcase? (Insert brain churning here.) Yep, sure is. Your night gown, your medicine, your eye drops, all in your room.” After that I think she realized she’d been mixed up and forgotten she was at home. There’s something happening at night where she doesn’t recognize her belongings. Obviously it’s sundowners, but I mean, it’s weird that her brain doesn’t process that she’s at home. Also, she thinks we travel a lot and have so much going on all the time. I wish that were true. Other than a walk, her going out to fill the bird feeders, and me taking the trash to the curb, we went nowhere today.
We did however cut and bake sugar cookies. I gave her a tray of probably 30 cutters. She picked out three and did all the cookies in those three shapes. Weird. We’ll frost them tomorrow and give them away to the neighbors.
We put up the Christmas tree yesterday. It’s a pre-lit artificial tree that comes in three sections. The top section no longer lights up. I changed the fuses and nothing. If anyone knows how to fix these things let me know. It’s not that a bulb is out because even if there is a bulb out it doesn’t knock out all the lights. (I know this because there are a couple of bulbs out in lower parts of the tree and the rest of the lights work just fine.) It’s a bummer because I definitely don’t want to buy another tree but I also don’t want a tree that doesn’t light at the top. It looks dumb. I think we’re going to go get a sting of lights and use those even though the instructions explicitly and emphatically declare that you cannot add lights to the tree without causing harm to yourself. But what harm could come of it? Weird.

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