Too much sugar? (11/22/20)

Mom didn’t remember her birthday today. She said the day was vague, and that she didn’t remember anything we’d done. She didn’t remember the phone calls from friends and my sister. She didn’t remember the crab legs and shrimp cocktail. She didn’t remember the ice cream cupcakes. She said, “Is that a new bouquet of flowers? Where did it come from?” She doesn’t remember putting them in the vase.
I wonder if her extra confusion and memory loss is my fault. She loves oatmeal raisin cookies so I made her a batch as a birthday gift. When I got up yesterday she’d spent the morning eating cookies. She had even more today. Plus carrot cake that a friend had dropped off. Could sugar intake cause confusion in the same way dehydration effects confusion?
I did a quick internet search and could only find articles discussing the long-term effects of sugar consumption. As in, eating sugar causes diabetes which causes Alzheimer’s. Don’t quote me on that. I mean, I’m not citing research here, I’m just giving the gist of what it seems the articles I saw are saying. The point is, I don’t see anyone saying: My loved one ate a bunch of sugar yesterday and now today his memory is really bad! Generally this type of confusion happens after dark, as in sundowning related. Today it was all day.
We had snow today. Not much. Just enough to cover the ground. I guess it’s the first real snow of the season though. We had some flurries on Nov. 1 but they didn’t last long or leave behind any trace once they hit the ground.
We had some coupons that expired today. I filled a cart online, then found out they were charging $5.99 for shipping. I could drive to the store– two stores, in fact– for less than that. It was worth the risk, in my opinion. Mom stayed in the car. I ran in, got what I wanted, left as quickly as I could. But the stores were being super careful. At one they were monitoring the number of people in the store at a time so I had to wait ever so briefly outside before being allowed in. The cashiers were practically encased in plexiglass. I felt really safe. But still distanced as much as possible and got in and out as quickly as I could. Everyone around here wears masks but aren’t always good at distancing. We were in (a big box store that I’m not trying to implicate as being negligent when it comes to protecting its customers) last week and it was super crowded. Traffic-jams-in-the-aisles crowded. Stay away! Wait your turn! Why do you have to be so close to me??? I wish people would comply with safety recommendations enough to get rid of this virus. It’s people not wearing masks, not distancing, not limiting contact with others that are perpetuating the virus. It’s maddening. Some of us are trying to keep our loved ones alive!
That seems a grumpy note to leave this on, so I’ll end with gratitude. So far mom and I are virus-free (so far as I know), safe, warm, comfortable, with everything we need and an awful lot of things we want. We are very fortunate. I’m grateful for that. I wish everyone were this way.

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