September 18, 2020

The first thing I asked mom this morning was, “How’d you sleep?”
It’s a good open-ended question. Leaves lots of room for any answer she wants to give.
“Good. I always sleep well.”
“Did you get up during the night?”
“No. Not at all. I’m lucky I sleep so well.”
Uh huh.
Four times. She was up four times during the night. Four times that I know of. The four times I was awake for. I don’t know how many times she was up while I was asleep.
The first time: “I’m confused. What do we have going on tomorrow?”
The second time: “Who is supposed to be here? Are we missing someone one?”
The third time: “I just had to get up and see what day it is. I couldn’t remember.”
The fourth time: “I’m confused about what we’re supposed to be doing. Do I have to be somewhere tomorrow?”
I asked if she was having trouble sleeping. She said no, she just couldn’t remember what was happening tomorrow.
Nothing. Nothing was happening tomorrow. Nothing ever happens. It’s just us. It’s just this house. We’re not going anywhere. We’re not doing anything.
Sorry, got cynical there for a second.
I’m so lucky. She’s so easy. She goes to bed at nine p.m. these days, stays in bed except to use the bathroom, and other than asking the same question a million times (more on that in a minute), she’s cheerful and carefree and easy going. I could have it sooooooo much worse. So many people do. But it does worry me when she has nights like this, though rare they may be. Is she headed toward sleeplessness, argumentativeness, defiance?
Speaking of asking the same question a million times. The Big 10 announced they would be playing football this fall after all. That was apparently too much for mom’s brain to handle because she asked me– no exaggeration– 20 times in 45 minutes when the season would start. I finally wised up and wrote it down on a piece of paper for her and taped it to the tray table next to the couch where she sits. Starts October 24, eight games plus one championship game, ends December 19, they haven’t announced the schedule yet. She asked me one more time, I pointed to the paper I’d taped to the table, boom, questioning ended for the day. It took me entirely too long to finally get around to doing that. I should have done it after the third or fourth time she asked, but always the optimist I thought she’d stop asking after I answered a few times. Ha!
(Optimist or slow learner?)
We had a pretty good day, but we’ve for sure got to have more structure to our time. Yesterday we did yoga, which was a good thing, and it wore her out. She took a long nap afterward. Today we went for a long walk at a park. Beautiful day, and it wore me out, though not her so much. (I push her in a wheelchair some of the way so maybe that’s why she doesn’t get as worn out as I do.) We need to have set activities at set times so she knows what to expect and has things to always occupy her. And it saves me from scrambling to find something with which to entertain her. I’ll work on that.

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