September 12, 2020

Super confused today.
She didn’t know who I was. Asked over and over where our family was– which she’s been doing all week, so today was just one more day. She kept asking if I had a bed to sleep in. She kept asking who I was, who my sister was, who else lived here. She was convinced that someone else lived here before I did but she couldn’t remember who it was.
She was at times laughing about it: “You know me and my brain!” and on a couple of occasions sad about it. She’s confused about why she’s so confused. She wants a doctor appointment to talk about why she gets so forgetful and confused. Obviously she doesn’t remember that we’ve already had that appointment.
I came across a dementia test. I don’t remember the name of it. I remember a few of the questions, so just to see what she would say, I asked. What is the month, the date, the year? When is her birthday? Mine? My sister’s? My dog’s? Where does she live and what is the address? Who is the president?
She got almost every answer wrong. At least she still remembers her address. That made me feel better, in case she gets lost while we’re out and about or she wanders away from home.
She revealed that sometimes she looks at me and she knows she knows me but can’t remember my name.

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