Overdue update (12/17/20)

I use Weebly for this site but am becoming too frustrated with it to continue. Most of the time when I try to log on to update the page the page won’t open. It’s luck of the draw if it will work or not. I tried getting on a different platform(?) but have run into troubles there as well. I am not technically inclined and don’t know how to do almost anything on a computer. It’s frustrating and I can’t handle the frustration.
In any case, there’s been plenty enough to update about but I haven’t been able to get Weebly to cooperate and I haven’t been able to start this blog on a different provider(?) so here I am trying to get this done before anything else goes wrong.
Mom has had some sundowning issues. Plus she’s really frustrated by her memory loss. I haven’t handled things well. The other day in the car we were talking about a national news story and she didn’t remember it had happened. The more I told her about it the more she tried to argue that my sources weren’t good so obviously it had never happened. That it had been in the newspaper, on the local news, the national news, and on the “news” channels weren’t good enough because she was certain she would have remembered an incident that big. She yelled. She never yells. Obviously I should have stopped the discussion long before I did. My insistence that it had in fact happened and that she forgot only agitated her. I know better, but failed to recognize the escalation of her frustration. Gotta work on that.
She had a doctor appointment today. The first in a year. She had one scheduled for last March; then COVID. One of the doctor’s in the practice (not my mom’s doctor) had COVID and they shut the practice down for a while. Summer wore on and it never seemed like a good time to go in a building with recycled air and loads of people, let alone come face to face with a phlebotomist, nurses, and a doctor. Finally the doctor’s office called and asked she make an appointment.
I have mixed feelings about this appointment and I’m not sure I’m ready to talk about it. I think I’m still processing. I’m going to go to the support group with it and see what they say. Mom’s heart, lungs, and carotid artery all sound good, though, so that’s good. She’s basically fine, actually. Probably could live another 20 years.

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