May 28, 2020

Not much to update on.
There’s some confusion. She’s often tired. She sleeps probably nine hours a night plus several naps during the day. She’s eating well. We’re both still healthy.
We got in the pool for the first time yesterday. She has trouble getting in and out, but once in is happy to sit in a chair, and moves her legs like she’s riding a bicycle, so she’s getting a little exercise that way.
Probably my biggest complaint is that she has nothing to talk about so she talks about the weather a lot. She’s in the here and now, I guess, and what else is there but the weather?
I reminded her of some event of her past recently. We were in the car and she brought up the sledding hill from her childhood. She misremembered an event happening to her friend that actually happened to her. I told her the story she’d told me years ago about getting cut badly enough to require stitches. From there I asked what other stories she had from her childhood but she said she didn’t have any others. It’s too bad, too. No one in my family has ever been a story teller, but it would be nice to have some family anecdotes or something. I feel like, when she dies our family dies with her. There are other relatives, but we don’t keep in touch and there are no stories binding us all together.
We’re keeping busy with yard work, household chores, and TV in the evening. She wants to help and does her best, but frankly there isn’t much she can do. She’s unsteady on her feet, she tires easily, she can’t kneel or spend much time bending over. She’s just not physically able to do much so it all falls on me. Which is fine, that’s what I’m here for, but I think she would feel more useful if she could help more.
I’ll be back to update more in a few days.

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