May 16, 2020

We’ve been doing quite a lot of work in the backyard. The weather finally turned a corner and we’ve had more sunny days and somewhat warmer temperatures.
Mom has done quite a lot. The other day she commented that the lilac bush had a lot of dead branches in it. I replied with my standard, “it’s on the list”, and she in turn said she’d be happy to do the trimming. And she did. I got her a chair, some tools, and she went to work. I had to help some, but she did probably 90% of it herself. Fantastic.
Today she planted some vegetables. I had wanted to do waist-high garden boxes but didn’t know who to get to build them. (I don’t have the tools or expertise to do it myself.) But then I found some very large pots at Costco and figured they’d do the job for a lot less money than it would cost to hire someone to build the boxes, plus materials.
That wore her out so she went in to take a nap. When she woke up she was pretty confused. She started out asking where the rest of the family was. I said, went home. She said good, that makes dinner easier. Then, despite all attempts to distract her, she kept asking where the visitors were from today, and then who they were. My poorly developed improv skills abandoned me and all I could say was, I don’t know who it was, I never saw them. After a while she admitted she didn’t either and that pretty much put an end to that. Sometimes I think it would do me good to actually take an improv class in order to deal with her better.
My running theory for the time being is that she must have been dreaming of family during her nap and got confused with reality. She thought they were actually here rather than in her dream.
So far we’re healthy, but of course we could both be pre-symptomatic and not know it, so it’s anyone’s guess if we’re on death’s door or not. I’m trying not to worry, and mom isn’t worried at all.

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