May 13, 2020

Here’s an interesting insight.
I turned off the TV just before 10 p.m. because mom was tired and wanted to go to bed. Before she got up off the couch she asked, are we the only ones who live here?
“Nope. (The dog) lives here too.”
“Oh. Where is he?”
“In bed.”
“Where’s everyone else?”
Having learned to lie rather than engage I replied, they went home.
“I thought they didn’t have a home.”
Oooooh. I get it now. She was talking about the young couple on TV who was looking for a house to buy. She thought they were here, in our house. It’s like when I was a kid and looked behind the TV to see if the people on the screen were back there.
It took me a minute to process that. She thought the people on TV were in our house, should still be in our house. Weird.
Any other time she’d asked that question I had always assumed she was thinking about family members, all of whom live far away. I figured she thought they’d been to visit. But it makes more sense now when I think about the times she would comment that there are always people in and out of here, as if we have a revolving door of visitors. In reality, we have maybe three visitors a year, if that, and it’s mostly neighbors doing the visiting. She’s confusing TV for real life. Weird.
The dementia addled mind is a strange place.

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