March 8, 2020

This seems like such a minor thing, and maybe it is inconsequential, but in case it’s not, here we are.
Last Saturday mom yelled at me. My dog was hungry and I was being lazy, so I didn’t jump up in a hurry to feed him. I mean, he can wait a minute. He really can. He will not starve to death, especially since he usually doesn’t eat all he’s fed each evening. So, no worries about the dog not getting fed within the very first second he indicates he’s ready for dinner. Nevertheless, his asking for food got to her and she yelled at me. I can’t remember the last time she yelled at me. Was I a child? Probably.
Yesterday we had a big, expensive (for lunch) lunch and so decided that instead of going out to dinner as we usually do, she’d heat herself up some soup whenever she felt like it. I took a nap and then laid in bed scrolling through Instagram, reading, playing a game on my tablet, just sort of lounging, for a couple of hours. When I got up she asked if I was ready to eat. I replied that she was going to have soup. “Soup?! Why would I have soup?!” It wasn’t a full-on yell, but there was a bit of… indignation? Anger? Offense taken?
These are the first evidence I’ve had of her responding in anger, which is a common symptom. Many people in the support group report getting yelled at, assaulted, and told to leave the house. It’s been an ongoing fear that I would face this one day in my mother. Are we nearing that point?
In other news she woke this morning feeling achy and not quite well. As the day progressed she became more congested and her nose ran. She sneezed a bunch. I went and got cold medicine for her and ordered her to rest for a day. She kept wanting to go– to the store, for a walk, out to eat. I had to keep imploring her to spend at least one day resting. It’s just a cold, but obviously her immune system is compromised enough that it let in a cold, so what’s to stop it from letting in the flu? She’s had the flu shot, but everyone knows those don’t protect against every flu virus. Besides, I know someone who had both the flu shot and the flu this year. I don’t need her getting the flu, or worse, dying from the flu. (There’s no COVID 19 in our state yet so that’s not an issue.) The good news about this is that I got two glasses of water down her today, which is two more than she normally drinks.
Otherwise it’s just the normal memory loss. Sundowners has been minimal. She’s doing pretty well. Well, aside from having a cold.

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