March 29, 2020

A quick update.
After two weeks of self-isolating, mom has decided she needs to stay home. (Insert eye-roll here.) She watches the “news” all day long. It gives me anxiety so I avoid it as much as possible. I don’t know how she can stand it.
Nevertheless, her anxiety is showing a bit. She asks me several times a day if I’m all right, and she has said on more than one occasion that I have to stay healthy, because what would she do if I got sick? (It’s nice to be appreciated, I guess?)
So far we are both well. We have to make it to April 2 to know that we didn’t get infected by my nephew and his girlfriend. But then, so what? We could have gotten it at the grocery store. Or maybe the kid working the window at the ice cream shop drive through has it and doesn’t know it yet. Stepping outside is like taking your life into your hands. All the while, who’s to say I haven’t brought it in from the grocery store?
It’s been good for me to not work. Me being around seems to help with the sundowning. Maybe she’s distracted? Or maybe we’re going through an easy patch and things will get worse for a bit. These things seem to come and go.

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