March 13, 2020

The restaurant we went to tonight was mostly empty, whereas on any other given Friday there’d barely be a table to be had. Mom wondered what was happening that night that would keep everyone occupied.
The streets were quiet as we drove home. Where is everyone? she asked.
She asked several times if there was a baseball game on tonight and despite telling her why there wasn’t she still believed the players had walked out over some contract dispute.
All this while feeling terrible that some college kids wouldn’t be able to play in the NCAA basketball tournament after having looked forward to it all year.
She watches hour upon hour of COVID-19 news coverage and still can’t remember that the restaurant is mostly empty because people are staying home, that the streets were quiet because of the virus, that spring training and the start of baseball season has been postponed to protect fans and players. But she still remembers that those poor college kids don’t get to play basketball.
Mom is fine. She’s over her cold. I fought it for a long time and finally gave in, though it isn’t bad. We tried Zicam for the first time ever and that stuff really works.
I gave in to the cold because we can’t go help my mom’s friend move. She asked us to come over to help her pack up boxes but then had to cancel because of restrictions placed on visitors. She isn’t exactly quarantined in her assisted living building, but they are on lock down more or less. No one in, no one out, or so I’m led to believe. That meant I didn’t have to try so hard to fight this cold; I could be sick without risking passing it on to someone else.
I can see that my biggest challenge through this whole thing will be to keep mom at home. She always wants to go! We ran some errands today but I plan to keep her home as much as possible this weekend.
We are well. She is forgetful. I’m looking forward to my last week of work.

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