June 26, 2020

We’re both coughing.
This isn’t entirely new. Mom and I both have post-nasal drip that irritates the throat and causes a cough. And I guess we both feel fine. But I need to note that we’re coughing. Some people report a cough as their first symptom of COVID. Mine started a couple of days ago. Mom’s started today. We’re both careful when we go out– masks, frequent hand sanitizing, distancing– but I read a story yesterday of a woman whose husband hadn’t left the house for several weeks, went to one store and a gas station– with all the precautions– and brought the virus home to his wife and two kids. I am terrified of getting this disease. It sounds horrendous.
Completely unrelated, mom asked me six times in 15 minutes this morning how I slept last night. I think she doesn’t know what else to say so she reverts to a question she’s already asked since she doesn’t remember asking it.

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