June 25, 2020

The confusion continues. Can this still be a consequence of missing two doses of meds?
My sister called yesterday to tell us that her son and his fiance were diagnosed with COVID-19. Mom heard everything I heard in terms of symptoms, history of their illness and diagnosis, etc. This morning, the first thing mom asked me was about my sister having the virus. That began a ten or so minute process of me answering questions, many of them repeat questions, and culminating in me making a list of our family members and labeling them healthy or ill that she now has taped to the tray table next to the couch where she sits. Before she went to bed tonight she thanked me for making the list and told me she looks at it all the time. Is it helping her to remember who our family is irrespective of their COVID condition?
Last night was the first night of putting her bedtime meds next to her bed so she remembers to take them at night. Tonight I had to remind her why the pill box and bottle of water were there next to her bed. I may keep track of this need to remind her to see if she’s capable of learning something new like this. She can learn new things, or new information anyway, because she does remember that her friend died in February, and that a woman from her church had the virus, but it still seems like she’s incapable of retaining, well, anything at all. It’s a Swiss cheese memory for sure.

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