June 24, 2020

Mom often forgets to take her medicine. Not all medicine. She does her morning meds just fine. It’s her afternoon meds she often forgets. Since she takes them before supper and I’m the one fixing her supper I catch the mistake and make sure she takes them, no problem. Sometimes she forgets her bedtime meds. It doesn’t happen often, but it has been happening more lately.
The bedtime meds include a prescription often given to Alzheimer’s patients. I’ve never thought it did much good, and the doctor warned that it probably wouldn’t help much, but I’m beginning to think otherwise. She missed two doses in a row this week (Sunday and Monday) and today (Wednesday) her memory was worse than ever. And she slept a lot. Obviously I have no way of knowing if the missed meds were the cause of her unusually bad memory, but it does seem… suspicious… that today would be such a bad day for her after having missed medicine twice this week.
To try to remind her to take her bedtime meds I put them in a separate pill box than her morning meds and put the nighttime meds next to her bed with a bottle of water and the eye drops she puts in every night before turning off the light. Her morning meds are batched with her blood sugar meter, her evening meds are batched with her insulin pen, and now her night meds are batched with her bedtime eye drops. Let’s see if this works.
She had a particularly tough time remembering things today. We went round and round and round, having the same conversation for long stretches because by the time I finished answering a question, she’d forgotten the answer to the previous question. I think I told her four times in about two minutes that my dog had an appointment for a bath and nail trim. Even then she got confused about if he’d spent the night in the kennel or if I’d taken him there in the morning for grooming. Where’d the idea come from that he’d spent the night there? Weird.
I’m really fortunate that this is as bad as she is for right now. It’s tough, and I’ve had glimpses in the last couple of days of how tough it can get. Worse, no doubt, than I fear right now. I hope I’m up for this.

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