June 12, 2020

Today the electrician came to repair one of the breaker switches. Which means that after two weeks without, I finally have use of my stove/oven (range). I appreciate that. I’ve been using the Instant Pot and microwave. I’ll be glad to be able to cook on the stove top again.
Mom went to the podiatrist, and got her hair cut and permed last week. A bit of normalcy. She wore a mask, and both places had stringent safety measures in place.
I’ve become interested in sundowning. I read on Quora that keeping your loved one active during the setting of the sun eases sundowning. I’ve observed, and not manipulated, the situation, and don’t exactly find that to be true. I’m going to do some research into sundowning, because it’s really the most profound symptom she has. Her memory is seconds long, sure, but she doesn’t get confused until the last few hours before bed. And her memory declines even more. Tonight before bed she asked what the symbol was on her ball cap that was sitting out. I told her, and she said, “I thought so, but the more I thought about it the more I wasn’t sure.” Actually, I feel like I relate a little to that situation. I have thought about words and places sometimes and the more I thought about them the less I was sure I knew what was right. (My memory has declined quite a lot, I feel, in the last month or two, especially for words. It’s annoying, and troublesome, though it might be giving me some insight to what it’s like for mom.)
We’re both healthy and well. All is good here. We have all we need and more. We’re fortunate and thankful.

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