July 6, 2020

Mom was unsteady on her feet today.
I don’t know if it was because of the no-handed sit to stands we did yesterday or if this just happened to be a day where she felt more unsteady than usual. She was also very tired today. She took a long afternoon nap and went to bed early. Maybe it was the heat. It was very hot today and she was out in it a few times. Maybe it made her especially tired today.
Before she went to bed she mentioned wanting to call her doctor to see if she could get some physical therapy. She’s frustrated that she has trouble standing and is unsteady. I explained about the exercises and taking a day off in between and she seemed satisfied with that. I don’t want her to go to the doctor’s office, or to a physical therapy place. She shouldn’t be breathing recycled air in an air conditioned building, even with a mask on. We’ll continue to do exercises. No doubt she will not make progress as fast as she likes and I’ll be continually fighting with her to be patient. A few years ago when she got her knee replaced I learned just how impatient a person she is. She hasn’t changed.

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