July 3, 2020

Tonight I stood in her bedroom and witnessed her taking her bedtime meds.
Last night I reminded her to take them and yet she did not take them. Can’t be having that. So, from now I will stand there and watch her take them. It’s a step in the progression. Lots of people in the online support group report that they have to witness their loved one taking meds or else the meds will not be taken. They forget. Mom forgets. Doesn’t matter that I remind her, she forgets anyway.
I’ve been reminding her about her evening meds for a while. She’s good about doing her insulin but forgets the pills.
Come to think of it, I reminded her three times this week to do her insulin.
Medication management is just one of the jobs of being a caregiver.
On another note, we started exercising tonight. Don’t get overwhelmed now, but we did one repetition. I know, exhausting. I found some exercises for people 70 and above in the AARP magazine that I think could help mom with her leg strength. Frankly, they could help me, too. Very simple: stand from a chair without using your hands. Mom was able to do one. The second one she got halfway out of the chair and fell back again. Kitchen chair, hard seat, not something soft like an upholstered chair. She could do one. Tomorrow we’ll try two, and if she can do those two we’ll try for three. There’s another exercise which is going up a step. I have to find something for her to step up onto. We’ll add that to the regimen. I’d like to do some chair yoga or something but haven’t found the right video. It’s been too hot to walk outside so I’ve been encouraging her to walk in the pool. We both need to increase our strength and stamina.

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