July 29, 2020

Baseball is back!
Mom’s favorite team has played six games so far. Guess how many mom remembers watching.
If you guessed zero– ding ding ding, you are correct!
The good thing about the shortened season is that they seem to be playing more often. Which may seem like a stretch, but they seem to have longer series with fewer travel days. That means daily games, which is great. We’ve been waiting for this since September.
Last year, by which I mean April 2019, Mom had a bit of memory loss when it came to the roster. This year she remembers exactly one of the returning players. But though she may ask several times a day what time the game is on, she never misses one, which is great. It means less time for me searching for something to occupy her time. Turn on a ball game and she’ll sit there happily watching it until it’s time to go to bed. It’s the daytime hours that are hard to fill. Though today she had two naps, so that took up some time. Otherwise she went to “breakfast” with her friends, and in the afternoon we sorted through some piles of paper she’d collected on her desk. Tomorrow we’ll do our exercises since I forgot today. I really need to get into a schedule of doing things to occupy her time.

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