July 15, 2020

Mom saw on the news today that people were complaining about having to pay taxes. She asked about her taxes and I had to reassure her, for the sixth time in four days, that her taxes are being taken care of and she doesn’t have to worry about anything: she has a secretary! (Me.) I like when I can tell her she doesn’t have to worry about anything. It makes her happy.
We forgot to exercise today. I’ll have to remember that for tomorrow. Two days ago we added in some yoga stretches, and she did eight no-handed sit to stands. She’s getting better! I find it’s best to do these earlier in the day because she has more strength. We’ll do the yoga stretches and sit to stands for a few more days and I’ll add something else in. I wish I had a professional in here to make sure these yoga stretches weren’t doing more harm than good. It’s not much, though, nothing requiring much exertion, so it can’t be too bad for her.
She went to breakfast with her friends this morning. No “I don’t feel well”, so that’s good.

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