January 5, 2020

I went to lunch with a friend today. It’s a rare occurrence for me, but nevertheless it meant mom stayed home alone. I don’t worry about her being home alone but she doesn’t like to be left. She wants to go and do– but only with me. She rejects all suggestions I make of her getting together with friends or going to social events but won’t let me leave the house alone. Someday she’ll be gone and I’ll be lonely doing errands and shopping by myself, but for now I’d like a little space. Can’t have it all, can we?
I felt guilty leaving her behind when I know how much she would have wanted to go had she been invited. She wasn’t. This was my time and I’m allowed to have lunch with a friend once or twice a year. But when I got back I wanted to make sure she got out of the house. It was a beautiful day with some white clouds and for one not super cold. We loaded my poor old dog into the car and set off for the park. In typical winter fashion, by the time she got ready and we got to the park, grey clouds had moved in and the temperature dropped. It was a cold, ugly day suddenly. We didn’t stay long at the park. Instead we went for a short drive along the river from one metropark to another, never getting out of the car but definitely enjoying the chocolate milkshakes we picked up at McDonald’s along the way.
She had a good day I think.

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