January 26, 2020

January 26, 2020
I guess I have to sum up the last week rather than rely on my memory since I failed to document the week at all.
After weeks of really pretty good cognition she started with the “where is everyone?” thing again this week. I’m learning to roll with it but the fact is, it always catches me a bit by surprise which means I have to think for a beat before I respond.
Friday we had lunch with a friend she’s known probably 60 years. The third of their trio is in intensive care and not expected to live. It’s devastating news to them both– and mom promptly forgot. We’ve talked about the situation several times since and she now does remember. So she can learn. I thought she couldn’t learn and retain new information but she can. It takes several repetitions but she will remember new information. (She’s forgotten already that I was in the hospital last weekend. After a few minutes it will come back to her but she doesn’t recall the event immediately.)
I think I need to stop trying to make sense of what she will and will not / does and does not remember. It seems to be random. There’s no sense to it.

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