January 15, 2020

Lots of good days in a row means there’s not much to report. Her memory remains spotty but she’s far less confused than she was around Christmas.
Until today.
Mid-afternoon she came to me distressed that she’d missed breakfast with her friends in the morning. She hadn’t. She didn’t remember going. She used the bathroom, and when she came out she said, “it’s coming back to me now, I remember, I caught the mirror on the garage when I was backing out.” Yep.
The plant-based diet is going well. She had ground beef yesterday but all other meals have been vegetarian. She doesn’t seem to mind as much as I thought she would. We’re sticking with soups, salads, and fruit, mainly. I’ll get more creative as time goes on. I have several good vegetarian cookbooks to draw from and boundless options on the internet.

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