January 10, 2020

The problem with having a mother that is relatively cogent and stable is that there’s nothing to report.
She’s doing well.
I know perfectly well that there’s no possible way I can make a cause and effect relationship between giving her daily cranberry capsules and her clear mind, but since she started that regimen her mind has been remarkable clear.
She has her moments. She loses track of the days and doesn’t look at her calendar clock. She sees pictures on her digital frame and doesn’t know who the people are or when the picture was taken. She doesn’t remember incidences and events from the last year. But she seems to know who I am. She no longer moves her eyes around, back and forth, like she doesn’t know where she is or who I am, as if she’s on a planet she’s never been to.
She’s had no appointments or events the last five days to document. All is well. I’m grateful for that.

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