Happy Birthday, Mom! (11/121/20)

We celebrated mom’s birthday today. She’s 86 now.
The day started slowly, as most of our days do. Eventually we got rolling with lunch, a walk, a long drive, dinner, and some Christmas movies. It wasn’t an exciting day but it was a nice day.
She had a phone call from a friend and she had a hard time remembering things– names, events, food we’d eaten, and things we’d done. She told her a friend had died last month when in actual fact it was ten months ago. Then she rushed off the phone, cutting off the conversation fairly abruptly. She did the same thing when my sister called. I wonder if she’s uncomfortable on the phone because she doesn’t remember enough of her recent past to carry on a conversation.
I suppose there’s more but here I am with memory problems because I can’t remember any specific dementia-related issues over the last couple of days. It’s really just the usual– repetitive questions, confusion at night about who was here during the day (nobody– ever) and who is supposed to sleep here (her, me, the dog– always), and forgetting things seconds after they happen or the words are spoken.

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