February 16, 2020

I just quit my job.
My last day will be March 20.
I’m happy.
As for mom: movies. We re-watched Knives Out on Friday afternoon because mom didn’t remember very much of the movie. We bought it so we could watch it at home. All through it mom kept saying, “I don’t remember this at all.” But even more so she said, “I can’t keep everybody straight. I don’t know who all these people are.” To be fair, there are a lot of characters in the movie.
This afternoon we watched Trading Places. She watched it, mostly. I had work to do in the kitchen if I was going to go to work a few hours from then. When I’d check on her she had the same issues as with Knives Out– she couldn’t keep track of the characters and she couldn’t follow the story.
I think part of the problem is her hearing. She has hearing aids but she doesn’t like them so she doesn’t wear them. I turned on closed captioning (thank goodness for that, am I right?) and I think that helped. I think she’s missing a lot when it comes to conversations and that further isolates her. I’ve read about this being a cause of mental decline in seniors. They can’t participate in conversations so they check out and that is harmful to their cognition.
Otherwise she’s doing well. We walked today for the first time in a while. The sun was out and it wasn’t brutally cold like it had been over the weekend. She naps a lot, eats well, doesn’t drink enough water– you know, the usual.

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