April 23, 2020

She always wants to go. “Oh, I’m out of the house!” she exclaims every time she’s in the car, as if she isn’t in the car almost everyday. I don’t know why she feels so confined. If we weren’t on lock down, where would we go? She doesn’t have an answer to that.
I, on the other hand, am perfectly happy staying home. If it wasn’t so cold, gray, and windy, I’d like to be at the park walking my dog. (My poor dog, who is in pain so much of the day and who loves to walk but doesn’t have the stamina for it anymore.) Although it has been acceptable enough outside that I’ve been able to get a small amount of yard work done beyond just mowing the lawn.
I had to get a few things at a local big box store that I wasn’t able to get at the grocery store and while shopping I picked up a couple of board games and some other card games, plus a word search book. She feels so bored and confined. No one wants to clean and do chores all the time and she doesn’t feel as if there is anything else to do. She misses baseball. Most every night we play a few games of something. Once in a while we’ll watch TV, but she has trouble following what’s on, and often doesn’t remember what she watched. She watches a lot of Weather Channel, and I think it’s because there’s no story to follow. Every time she sees the forecast it’s as if she’s never seen it before.
That’s the thing. Her short term memory is almost non-existent. Every once in a while she’ll surprise me by remembering something from a minute or two before, but mostly she can’t remember anything from one second to the next. We played Sorry last night and she couldn’t remember how to play. Not just, I can’t remember how to play from when I played it with you 40 years ago. No, this was, I don’t remember what to do on my turn even though I just took a turn a few seconds ago. Connect Four went better, after she got the concept.
I think I need to look into this profound short term memory loss. It seems extreme. It might not be, but it seems to be her greatest problem at the moment.

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