April 19, 2020

Diversion is the name of the game at this point. It works. It works best if it comes in the form of a question. Today it was a favor.
Mom was napping on the couch when I went outside to pull a weed I’d seen earlier in the day. It was more like the start of a tree than a weed so it took some digging. While I was working on it she came out and said she’d lost me, couldn’t find me. Then she asked where everybody was. Instantly alert to sundowning coming on I asked her to go get the trimmers for me because I couldn’t get the roots out and decided to cut it off and hope lack of sunshine killed the root.
Boom. Sundowning diverted.
We watched TV in the evening and she forgot about asking where anyone was. A successful, quiet evening. If I’d been working, as I used to do on a Sunday evening, we’d be having lots more issues with sundowning.
Her memory today has been terrible. She can’t remember anything for more than a few seconds, and everything is unfamiliar. She manages it well but it must be very disconcerting, and I expect she won’t be so calm in the future when we’re driving through familiar areas and she doesn’t know at all where she is, as happened today.
We walked today. She’s lost, and is losing strength in her legs. This worries me. How fast is she declining? Is this temporary? Is it permanent? Every little thing invites a million questions that don’t have answers because everyone is different.

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