April 17, 2020

I think this is the first time in all our self-isolating that we never left the house.
We had snow today, not much, and it was cold outside, so no walk. We didn’t drive anywhere, either.
Yesterday, however, we took a long aimless drive in the countryside. I needed stamps so we went to the post office, then just drove and drove, for about three hours. It was an hour home from where we ended up, so, long drive. It was cold out, but sometimes sunny, so it was a good day for a drive. No contact, though, except for me in the post office, and we were all social distancing.
I have been incredibly tired of late. I spent most of yesterday sleeping. About the only time I was up was a couple of hours to make mom lunch, eat something myself, and go for a walk. The drive happened after a long nap after lunch. Then I slept about about 10 of the next 12 hours. I was less fatigued today but still tired.
Mom seems fine. She has no complaints I could remotely stretch into COVID 19 symptoms, so fingers crossed we’re both still well.
We often play cards in the evening: Crazy 8s or Go Fish, sometimes Old Maid or War. She never remembers that we’ve played them before. No matter which game we play I have to remind her how to play. All through the game I have to remind her how to take her turn. We laugh, though. It’s fun.
Another day of self-isolating. Every day is the same as the previous. I feel like this is going to go on forever. Maybe it will.

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