All caught up!

I’ve got all my Weebly posts copied and pasted here– a whole day sooner than I thought I would. That’s mostly because I pushed through when I was well past bored of doing the chore. We’re starting over on a new platform.

A platform, mind you, that I still need to learn.

Oy vey. All this technology. I must say, however, that I’m glad to have this documentation of the last year-plus. I didn’t read every post as I copied and pasted but I did read some, or at least the first sentence or two. Past posts brought to mind the struggles we’ve been through, the firsts (like forgetting who I am), and dealing with COVID. Boy, what we didn’t know prior to March, eh?

As for our days, same old, same old. Can’t complain. The white board I started using some weeks or months back seems to help. I’ve refined it so that now it only has a few things as reminders. Yesterday’s reminders were laundry, physical therapy homework, and insulin and pills.Those will probably be the same today. She didn’t finish the laundry and PT and insulin+pills are a daily activity.

She’s doing well with the PT. We’ll keep it up no matter what the physical therapist has to say on Thursday when we return. It’s good for me, too.

The weather is ugly. Cold, dreary, not a bit fun. Mom hasn’t been walking with the dog and I. I don’t imagine she will walk much over the winter. We don’t go anywhere except to get food. We’ve been ordering out a lot. Curbside pickup is a definite benefit of this pandemic.

I guess that’s all of an update for now. Glad to be caught up on this platform, and to put Weebly behind me. Weebly is super easy to use and I love it for that, but with all the troubles I’ve had logging into the editor over the years I’m glad to be on a platform I hope works better. We’ll see. So far it’s been a bit of a nightmare so at this point I imagine that I’ll be looking for an alternative when my subscription runs out in a year.


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