A water and confusion connection? (11/16/20)

Yesterday someone posted a question in the online support group related to dehydration and confusion. That’s when it suddenly hit me that maybe mom’s relatively confusion-free evenings were due to more water.
She hasn’t been completely without some sundowning. The other night she asked if everyone had a bed to sleep in. When I said yes, she said, “So my bed is available? No one is sleeping in it right now?” I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again– it’s just her, me, and the dog in the house. Who does she think might be in her bed???
It is worth noting though that she has been much less confused recently. The only change I can see (besides that she’s not walking as much because it has gotten cold here) is that I have been giving her water with lunch and dinner instead of pop. She doesn’t like water and refuses to drink it but will drink it if I add in a liquid drink mix, like Kroger brand or Chrystal Light.
Maybe it’s coincidence. And since I’m not running a lab here, we’ll never know. But I’m going to stick to the water at meals.
On a more disgusting note, sorry if you’re squeamish. If you are you’d best click away right now. Mom had diarrhea today. She cleaned herself up, changed clothes twice, put one set of clothes in the washing machine, and in general managed it herself. I gave her some anti-diarrheal medication and cleaned the toilet and bathroom floor. Before bed I mentioned to her that she hadn’t put her clothes in the dryer and asked if she wanted me to do it. While I was, I thought about how lucky I am. People in the online support group tell horrid stories of the messes they have to clean up because their loved one can’t do it. They give hints and tips on how to protect yourself against the smell. (I was about to employ one of those suggestions today while cleaning up but grabbed the Lysol spray instead.) I am so fortunate right now that I don’t have to do much disgusting work. Mom is still able to clean herself up. She knows to put her clothes in the washer when they need it. She doesn’t leave giant horrible messes all over the floors, walls, and outside of the toilet. I know those days are coming but I am so lucky right now that I don’t have to deal with it. I’m so grateful for that.
A quick update on the board. So far it’s working well. At first mom was all about doing her chores. Now she mostly reads the board and goes back to watching TV. I still can’t tell her what to do so I start cleaning thinking she’ll pitch in or ask what she can do to help and she never does. That’s okay. She knows what to expect. Like our grocery pick-up yesterday and our trip to Costco today. She didn’t ask me a million times when we were going or what we had to do that day. The one time she asked what she should be doing I directed her attention to the board and she actually did one of the chores on there. Pretty nice.
We’re slacking on the exercise. She’s stopped walking with me and the dog because it’s cold outside. I should be getting her to do yoga or something similar but I’m not disciplined enough yet to do that. Working on it.

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