November 20, 2019

We went out for lunch for her birthday. After lunch we came home and she unwrapped gifts– a clock with the day of the week, date, time, and “morning/afternoon/night” in large letters, and a digital frame that randomly changes pictures at intervals. Awed by the technology, I showed her how the pictures are emailed to the frame, adding a couple of pictures her friend had taken at breakfast that morning as well as one I’d taken at lunch that afternoon. Then she took a nap.
After her nap she said she couldn’t remember what we’d done that day.
We looked at the pictures in the frame and I had to tell her who her grandson and his fiance were a couple of times. She also didn’t remember the picture I’d taken at lunch even though she’d seen it before her nap. She did, however, remember the picture taken at breakfast. She just couldn’t figure out how it had gotten in the frame.
Lots of confusion today. Lunch was fine, but after her nap she couldn’t remember large parts of her day. This is a strange disease.

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