November 18, 2019

Mom had her driving evaluation today. Finally. This was prescribed September 20, 2018. The next day she fell and broke her right foot.
We got the order renewed and mom found out it expired in six months… which she let happen.
Two conversations with the doctor later about why she’s afraid to drive we finally got the third and final order because today, with some resistance, she went.
She has to go back, and I assume that’s when she’ll actually do some driving. Today she did tests for 90 minutes. She wasn’t able to tell me what those tests were. She said something about connecting numbers and letters and sitting in a car seat. I dunno. She did learn, at least, that she follows cars in front of her too closely. How do they know that?
I’m curious about this driving evaluation and how they can tell from her doing all sorts of paper and pen tests how she drives. But apparently they can.
She left feeling much better about the whole process. I think she was afraid they would take her keys away. I didn’t think they would. She’s not too bad a driver, actually. She’s been doing it for so long that I think it’s largely muscle memory.
After the test she came home and had a short nap. When she woke up she stopped me as I was going in my office to go to work: “I can’t remember what we did today. What did we do today?”
“We went to the hospital for the driving thing.”
“Oh right, even though I didn’t do any driving.”

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