November 17, 2019

Her doctor doubled her dosage of the memory medicine she has been taking for the last year. The increase happened a month ago and I’m wondering if we’re seeing some results now. She seems less forgetful and confused. A little bit. (And she made iced tea today– something she hasn’t been able to do no matter how many times I show her how to do it.) — Um, no. That was me that made tea, and yes, I did forget that I’d done it. I’m next to get Alzheimer’s.
Her bladder hasn’t been so overactive today as yesterday. I checked the grocery store for a home UTI test kit but they don’t carry them. I’ll check another store and if I can’t find it there I’ll order one online. As mom and I were discussing it I realized that I could spend days driving around to two big box stores and three pharmacies or just order one online and it would get here sooner than I’d take driving around from store to store. Crazy that I can have one delivered from out of state faster than I can locate one locally.
We have a busy week and as I was telling her what was scheduled she gave up trying to remember it and said, just drag me along, I’ll go wherever. It’s overwhelming for her sometimes.

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