November 16, 2019

Mom’s had an overactive bladder today. I suspect a UTI.
We drove downtown to go to a market. She went to the bathroom before we left. We drove through and got coffee. Twenty minutes later we were driving around the block looking for parking. We finally found a place along a curb so I stopped the car and told her to hop out. She said, “there will be a bathroom in there, right?” Um, no. So we leave. She has to go to the bathroom and there’s no place to go. Twenty minutes later we’re home and she goes to the bathroom.
Next we try a store in a neighboring town. We drive ten minutes there, wander around a few minutes, drive 2 minutes to a restaurant, she’s off to the bathroom. We arrive home from lunch and she’s running to the bathroom.
Three times in two hours. That’s a UTI if you ask me.
I’ll look into a UTI home test kit so that she’ll know if she needs to call the doctor on Monday.

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