November 14, 2019

We had to find a place to walk today that was clear enough of snow that mom could walk. We ended up at Rails to Trails. For the first time, mom walked the whole mile without sitting for a brief rest halfway through. Maybe that’s because the bench was covered with snow. But she had her wheelchair and didn’t use it, so I guess she had a bit of endurance today; surprising since she didn’t walk the last two days due to the cold and snow.
She’s decided she has to eat spinach everyday. She read in a magazine that it’s good for something or other. She’s been reading a lot recently about nutrition to help with brain and heart health. That’s not really anything new, but today was spinach, and that’s new. We stopped to get spinach on the way home from Rails to Trails.
Only one weird memory lapse today. She washed the dog bowl and in that time forgot where it goes after washing it. We had a whole big thing a few months back where my dog decided he wouldn’t go in the kitchen anymore. We bought runners thinking that would help but it didn’t. Now the dog eats and has his water by the front door. It’s been that way for months but today she forgot.

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