December 27, 2019

We went to see the lights at the zoo the day after Christmas. She loved them! And she remembers, too.
We finally did her Christmas cards today. She didn’t want to do them but I insisted she get them done. Some of these people that send her cards want to know she’s still alive. She only sent cards to people that sent her cards. I addressed them. This may be the last year. I was pleased that she got as many cards as she did. People with dementia tend to be forgotten (neglected) by friends and family.
It’s been tough keeping her entertained in the evenings. I used to teach preschool, and have done all kinds of child care in the past, and there was always this struggle to keep the kiddies entertained. I’m feeling it with mom. She wants to be doing something but doesn’t know what to do. Tonight she wanted to help with dinner, and even though I didn’t need help I had to find something for her to do. At long last she got tired and went to go rest. That left me alone to finish up, which also let me off the hook for finding her things to do. I’m worried about when I go back to work next week. What will she do to entertain herself? How will she find things to do when I’m not there to direct her? Winter is tough because there’s no baseball– though I did find her the other day watching a replay of a summertime baseball game on TV. At least there’s that. She doesn’t mind that the game was played months ago. College football will end soon. She’s losing interest in college basketball. And she has no interest at all anymore in pro football. Today she called The Weather Channel her favorite channel and I am not going to argue the point that’s for sure. Better that than so many other options. My concern though is that she’ll be sun-downing and confused and I won’t be available to redirect her. She’ll forget me, too. Then she’ll panic. Four p.m. is too early for dinner let alone putting her to bed so I feel like I’m in for a whole lot of problems and issues to come but don’t know exactly what to expect or how to prevent them.
Also, to note for future reference: she’s not taking her medicine on time. She’s skipped days. I’ve had to remind her to take it. She’s okay about my reminders for now but will she always be? I have to be more diligent about tracking her medicine.

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