December 24, 2019

Started her on cranberry plus vitamin c capsules to try to prevent UTIs. She was all for the idea. I had thought she’d be resistant but she wasn’t at all.
We ran errands and worked on cookies. During dinner we watched National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and she laughed a lot, which was great to hear.
She’s confused as usual, but nothing out of the ordinary.
I wish I better remembered Christmas last year but I don’t. She was in a boot from her broken foot but she managed to arrange Christmas gifts for me anyway. This year she can’t remember that she even bought me Christmas gifts, and the ones she bought me I picked out, and in a couple of cases wrapped myself. I’m trying to enjoy the season but it’s hard combating the memory loss all the time; plus there’s the knowledge that this could be her last Christmas, or at least she could be even less together next year than she is this year. She has definitely declined this past year. I hope I keep up with these daily logs so that next year I have something to compare.

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